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EVE Online ISK

500x PLEX / Omega

500x PLEX (Omega)



Skill Injector

Large Skill Injector

Skill Injector

Small Skill Injector

Skill Extractor

Skill Extractor


Attention! Before you buy a product for the game EVE Online - please check his availability with the operator!

  • Buy EVE Online ISK by public contract. The client will need to put up a public contract in the Jita system with a number of cheap items, in place of which he will request a paid amount ISK. EXAMPLE
  • Buy EVE Online ISK by a private contract. The client will need to put on the specified nickname personal contract from any place with a some cheap items, in replacement of which he will request the amount paid ISK. (Best choice) EXAMPLE
  • Omega also can be transferred by activation (gift) to the specified character.
  • The goods via private contract. We create a contract with the goods on the buyer, in Jita or within 2x jumps from it.
  • Delivery of goods to the customer at the station Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, packed in a ship's cargohold or container. In most cases it is used for small but expensive goods, for example PLEX, Injector.
  • Delivery of goods to the customer at the station Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant or Hirtamon VII - Moon 5 - Zainou Biotech Production, which the client immediately sells in order to obtain the purchased in-game currency - is used in some rare cases.

EVE Online — is a space-based, persistent world MMORPG developed and published by CCP Games. Players of Eve Online can participate in a number of in-game professions and activities, including mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat (both player versus environment and player versus player). The game contains a total of 7,800 star systems that can be visited by players.

Attention: in some user agreements sale and purchase of game currency is prohibited. In case of non-observance of these points agreements of certain games - it is possible to entail sanctions, ranging from confiscation, sold or purchased by you in-game currency up to the blocking of the game account. We do everything in our power to avoid the problems of buyers with the administration of games, where we we sell or buy in-game currency. In any case, the service does not bear any responsibility for the consequences and penalties imposed in connection with violations of rules and points EULA games with which we work.

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супер оперативно
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awesome seller
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Perfect !!
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all good!
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В очередной раз все быстро и качественно. Рекомендую)
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Быстрая и качественная консультация и доставка товара. Очень доволен приобретением, в дальнейшем так же собираюсь пользоваться услугами данного продавца. =)
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Лучший сервис! Смело обращаться.
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Все без нареканий, спасибо!
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спасибо вам за иски. все было оперативно и честно
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